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Solar Distiller Design

stillA solar still uses the sun’s energy to evaporate brackish water onto a tempered glass surface (leaving behind bacteria and solutes), where it runs down into a trough for subsequent clean water collection.

We have built a proof-of-concept model using food-grade materials to showcase in the interest of resilience. Depending on community interest, this design may be implemented into one of our workshops.

Completed still, ready to filter water
Here is an example of a print made for the design, drawn in SolidWorks CAD software.
Rendered Assembly (plumbing not shown)
Physical Assembly (plumbing and glass plate not included)
Using silicone sealant to install inlet plumbing
Aluminum trough leading to outlet faucet. Water collects in the basin, which is lined with food-grade black silicone.
Top view of still