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Garden Box Donations

Using multiple grants from Oregon State University, we purchased 450 ft of cedar lumber and miscellaneous hardware in order to plant garden boxes at:

We are continuing garden box donations, using monetary donations from our supporters to purchase materials. Pictures to come!

Corvallis Community Gardens

Our box donated to the Produce for the People garden is being used as a worm bin.
At the Oak Creek Center for Urban Horticulture, our boxes are used for experimentation. This garden partly serves to research dry farming.
Our boxes donated to Oregon State University are used to grow strawberries for students to pick on their way to class.


This is our Hügelkultur experiment. You can’t see it, but the sticks go about two feet deeper than ground level.

At the Starker Arts Garden for Education, our boxes are placed in the Children’s Garden for kids’ hands-on learning.


Corvallis and Lebanon K-12 Schools

Two raised beds were donated to Wilson Elementary in Corvallis, Oregon as a seed for the school’s very first student garden!
The Wilson Elementary school garden is located on the school’s public park and will be called “Wildcat Park Community Garden.”
Riverview Elementary in Lebanon, Oregon received our surplus lumber and hardware for building a school greenhouse.
Lebanon High School received two boxes for use in their special educational garden program.
Passing over the second installment of lumber for Riverview Elementary